Course 2: Technology watch

Oct 1, 2021
Course 2: Technology watch

in the Course 2 data analyst course, we will focus on technology watch

in If there is one observation that many sectors of activity share, it is the speed of evolution of the professions. It is becoming essential to follow innovations and advances capable of impacting the future of its activity. This is called technology watch. In this article, we come back to the definition as well as the different objectives of this technological watch.

Technology watch is, for  Steven C. Wheelwright  – former professor emeritus at Harvard University – “made up of all the techniques aimed at systematically organizing the collection, analysis, dissemination and exploitation of information. techniques useful for the preservation and growth of businesses ”.

The technology watch needs to prevent and alert all responsible for a change, a novelty or innovation whether technical or scientific . As soon as it can modify the landscape or cause an economic advantage to be lost / gained , monitoring becomes critical and must intervene as soon as possible.

Technology watch takes place and is divided into 3 stages :

  • 1 – information acquisition : awareness, detection & access to sources
  • 2- transmission & storage : internal management
  • 3 – summary of the information collected 

Two choices are available to a company wishing to set up a technology watch policy. Either the company chooses a passive collection when the day before is perhaps less critical or an active research.

Each relevant department – R&D, finance, sales, etc… must participate in the information search process.

Flexibility is the order of the day when technology watch is desired. Impossible to be static and refuse change: everything must flow transversely within the company.

In order for monitoring to be effective and relevant, it is necessary to develop a participatory management model . All hierarchical levels must feel involved and motivated. Active, human and even financial support from the executive of the company and the research & development department is also vital so that monitoring can be carried out wisely. Therefore, creating an animation team reveals the order of the mandatory in order to animate this day before.

Finally, a clear and concise definition of the process and the goals of this monitoring is crucial so that the information is transmitted to all concerned. Are you interested in technology watch? Find the projects of our learners presented during the data days!

Objectives of technology watch

To summarize the objectives of technology watch, it helps to support the company’s strategic decisions through the search for useful information and the request for weak signals.

For ENSAM specialists, the basis of technological watch in terms of products revolves around four poles:

    • 1st pole: “ benchmark ”, based on the analysis of the competition. This analysis consists of identifying potential competitors , evaluating their products and analyzing their strategies and development poles so that they cannot be taken by surprise.
    • 2nd pole: “ technological ” which assesses current advanced technologies by analyzing their conditions of access, their rates of growth and their potential progress in the future
    • 3rd pole: “ strategy ” which assesses the strategy of the company and each of its sectors / departments. Based on an in-depth analytical study of competitor strategies, this allows us to identify companies acting with comparable strategies or methods,
    • 4th pole: “ product ” which must learn about potential future products in their added value and function.

Technology watch actors

Course 2: Technology watch

Course 2: Technology watch

Technology watch is exercised by different actors who either act passively and can be made aware of new trends, or those who will actively seek new technological factors.

More generally, we can distinguish 5 different types of watchmen:

Warrior : particularly active, he invests and is constantly in research. Unfortunately too few French companies use such profiles
Offensive : very active especially when there is stiff competition in a field. This is the case of many specialists who become watchers, especially vis-à-vis abroad.
Active : research is not their core business but is one of their tasks, which is widely practiced in France.
Reactive : the watchman: has the task of reacting to the introduction of an external attack.
Sleeper : weighs each attack and judges the competition dangerous or not.

Be that as it may, at DataScientest we are involved in technology watch, particularly in cutting-edge fields. We regularly disseminate innovations in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence likely to affect our daily lives through our articles and reports prepared  by our data scientists.

If you wish to receive a digest of information in Data Science and IA regularly and thus carry out your technological watch, our newsletter is made for you!

Why carry out a technological watch?

Thanks to technology watch , you will be able to follow the evolution of short-term tactics of players in your competitive environment, those who invest in lead generation, in lead nurturing … You will knowwhich technologies have been tried and which ones have been abandoned. The technology watch and business information it generates are crucial today for the success of B to B

Organize a technological and IT watch: 3 key steps

The organization of IT and technology watch follows a process that revolves around three main stages: data collection, analysis / synthesis of this data, and information dissemination.

Collecting information

It adapts to the needs of society. The search for relevant information should be done continuously and preferably digitally. It is also necessary to choose the sources of collection of this data: social networks, RSS feeds, etc.

Data analysis and synthesis

The added value of the monitoring process appears during this phase. Once the data has been collected, it is a matter of ensuring that it is structured in a coherent manner so that it can be used.

Dissemination of information

A watch is useless if no one knows it exists. The effectiveness of information depends on the method of dissemination used and the people to whom it will be communicated. You need to have a mailing list prepared in advance.The synthesized information will influence decision-die decision in driving the company’s strategy.

Technology watch tools

There is today a whole panoply of free or paid tools which will allow you to carry out a technological watch efficiently and very easily. They are based on the information push and / or information pull method.

Information push: you bring information to users.

Information sweater: information comes to you.

We offer you below some technology watch tools that we think are the most interesting:

Google Alerts  : This service offered by Google is free. It is nonetheless efficient and allows you to be informed by email of news online in relation to the various fields and keywords that interest you.

Feedly  : This practical and efficient monitoring tool is a content aggregator that concentrates RSS feeds of articles from a personal selection (websites to which you are subscribed).

Netvibes  : It is a dashboard that you can personalize and which allows you to consult your news from social networks, to receive alerts or to read articles on the subjects that interest you.

We can also cite paid monitoring software such as Digimind or AMI Software, whose operation is very powerful. They manage the entire monitoring process, from collecting to disseminating information. This kind of software is generally used by large companies and multinationals.

Usefulness of IT technology watch

Technology watch can be part of an objective approach in the IT sector. It is essential that you have a good knowledge of your professional environment to be a true expert in your industry. The implementation of a technological watch in IT allows to ensure the follow-up of the latest technologies and new trends.You must therefore choose reliable sources whose content really contributes to the improvement of knowledge in the specialties that interest you: big data, BI (Business Intelligence), programming languages, versions and plug-ins of CMS, system and network administration. … And also sources dealing with the latest tips related to computer hardware (keyboard, camera, microSD card, etc.).

When to do a technological watch?

If you want to leverage technology intelligence to its fullest potential, you need to start today. Whatever sector you operate in and whatever the specificity of your sales proposition, there will always be technological innovations to discover in your field.This is why you must now set up your technology watch system , because it will allow you to anticipate new developments and to stay constantly informed of changes in societies in a context where uses and new players are changing. often.

Sources of information for technology watch

Social media  : They provide valuable information about what people are saying about your brand, the services or solutions you offer. They are especially useful because they give you direct access to both your competition and your customers.

Internet and Search Engines  : As with social networks, by broadening your Internet searches, you can also obtain useful information. Search engines often provide information on new technology developments, specific organizations, and provide links to sites that most people have found useful.

The press  : Their content tells you what the big news is. Although possibly oriented according to the sponsors, they disseminate interesting information. You can view press coverage over time using a newspaper clippings database.

Your Network and Contacts  : If you’ve been offering technology solutions for some time, you’ve probably built a network of contacts who have in-depth knowledge of the current situation and ideas on how it might evolve in the future. Of course, not everyone will be ready to share their ideas with you, but some might be willing to pool their resources.

The technology watch computer is required to stay updated. It also makes it possible to quickly take advantage of new advances and to optimize risk and crisis management by anticipating them. It ensures a long-term vision, guides your choices and helps decision-making based on an analysis of data collected by various means.

All that a company needs to achieve excellence is ideally to adopt a technology watch approach . With the right implementation, you can leverage and benefit from the data you have. The technology watch is both your weapon of conquest and your defense. When you use technology intelligence tools to your advantage, you become more agile and can seize opportunities when they arise.

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