Course 1: Information System

Oct 1, 2021
Course 1: Information System

to be a good data analyst, you must first understand what an information system is, because you will need to understand different concepts in order to analyze the data in a computer system.

The information system (IS) is a central element of a company or an organization. It allows the different actors to convey information and communicate thanks to a set of material, human and software resources. An IS makes it possible to create, collect, store, process and modify information in various formats.

The objective of an IS is to return information to the right person at the right time in the appropriate format.

Interaction between existing systems

An organization is made up of a set of systems. There is the operating, piloting and information system, these are three subsystems which interact with each other:

  • the operating system : it is what is at the base of any organization, it is this system which allows the transformation of information, the objective of which is to return it to the right person. It corresponds to the different departments of a company.
  • the  piloting system : This is what will control and pilot the operating system. He is therefore at the head of the information system setting the objectives and making the decisions.
  • the  information system : This is what occurs between the other two systems. This system takes care of collecting, storing, transforming and disseminating data and information in the operating and control system.

In short, an information system allows the operating system to communicate information that has been collected and modified to the control system which is in charge of controlling and making decisions.

The functions of an information system

There are therefore 4 main functions of an IS:

  • Collect : it is from there that the data is born, that we acquire the information coming from the internal or external environment of the company.
  • Store : as soon as the information is acquired, the information system keeps it. It must be able to be available and must be able to be preserved over time.
  • Transform / process  : this phase makes it possible to transform the information and choose the appropriate medium to process the information. Here have built new information by changing the content or form.
  • Disseminate:  the IS then transmits the information in its internal or external environment.

The objective of the IS is therefore to restore information within an organization that can be directly exploited by the various actors and to facilitate decision-making.

Role of IS in the performance of a company

The IS has two purposes: functional and social. Regarding the functional purpose ,  the IS is a communication tool between the different departments of a company and has an operational and strategic role. The social purpose, for its part, makes it possible to worry about the integration of employees into the company, promoting social life and company culture through the dissemination of information.

The IS today plays an important role within a company, it is even essential for their proper functioning. A high-performance IS allows a company to optimize their process, outsource tasks with low added value, improve customer relations, better communicate and improve productivity. When you do not know what your IS is made of, that you think that it is not optimized, or that you want to make it evolve, carrying out an audit of your IS may be necessary.

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