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Top 7 Big Data Analytics Tools for Your Business

Top 7 Big Data Analytics Tools for Your Business

Top 7 Big Data Analytics Tools for Your Business

Big Data analytics can be very useful for your business, including boosting sales, understanding customers, and improving internal management. However, to convert data into actionable information, it is necessary to equip yourself with better analytical tools. Here is a selection of 7 Big Data tools for your businessand  Data Scientist . 

Top 7 Big Data Analytics Tools


Created by Apache, Hadoop is an open source software framework that facilitates distributed processing of very large data sets across hundreds of servers operating in parallel. Many companies have used Hadoop for a long time to sort and analyze big data. This framework is based on simple programming models to ensure data processing and make it available on local machines .


Apach Storm

Storm is another product developed by Apache. It is an open source real-time big data processing system. It can be used by both small and large businesses. Storm is suitable for all programming languages, and allows data to be processed even if a connected node of the cluster no longer works or if messages are lost . Storm is also perfect for Distributed RPC and Online Machine Learning. It is a good choice among big data tools because it integrates with existing technologies.

Hadoop MapReduce


Hadoop MapReduce is a programming model and software framework for building data processing applications. Originally developed by Google, MapReduce enables fast and parallel processing of large data sets on node clusters .

This framework has two main functions. First, the mapping function allowing to separate the data to be processed . Second, the reduction function to analyze the data.



Apache Cassandra is a highly scalable NoSQL database. It is able to monitor large data sets spread across various server clusters and in the cloud . Originally developed by Facebook to meet a need for a sufficiently powerful database for the inbox search function. Now this big data tool is used by many companies with large datasets like Netflix, eBay, Twitter and Reddit.



OpenRefine is an open source tool designed for messy data. This tool allows you to quickly clean up datasets and transform them into a usable format . Even users without technical skills can use this solution. OpenRefine also allows you to instantly create links between datasets.



Rapidminer is an open source tool capable of supporting unstructured data, such as text files, traffic logs, and images. Concretely, this tool is a data science platform based on visual programming for operations . Functions like manipulation, analysis, model building, and rapid integration into business process processes are some of the benefits of Rapidminer.


Mongo DB

MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database widely used for its high performance, high availability, and scalability . It is suitable for big data processing thanks to its features and suitable for programming languages ​​like JavaScript, Ruby and Python. MongoDB is easy to install, configure, maintain, and use.

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