Digital Aquitaine launches its field of excellence “IA Data Science” in New Aquitaine

Oct 15, 2021
Digital Aquitaine launches its field of excellence “IA Data Science” in New Aquitaine

Officially recognized during the month of June 2021, the area of ​​excellence (DomEx) “IA Data Science” will aim to organize events in New Aquitaine and structure the dynamics in the region around the themes of machine learning, statistics , business intelligence, operations research and AI. Digital Aquitaine had already validated its creation at the end of 2020 with the ambition to provide transversal expertise in all these areas. This is the association’s fifth area of ​​excellence after the “Connected Commerce Club”, “Smart4D”, “TOPOS” and “TIC Santé” DomEx.

An area of ​​excellence to bring together players in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region

The “IA Data Science” area of ​​excellence (DomEx) wishes to bring together the main players in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region who wish to improve their knowledge and share their best practices around artificial intelligence, statistics, business intelligence, machines learning and operational research.

The DomEx will host several events to achieve this objective:

  • Monthly thematic workshops.
  • The Dataquitaine annual conference.
  • Workshops devoted to an issue related to the previously mentioned themes.

The area of ​​excellence will communicate via a newsletter, a website and through social networks with the community it federates and which includes associations, public interest groups, colleges and universities, companies of sizes various (independent consultants, startups, SMEs and large groups) or research laboratories.

Among the events already organized, we note three web conferences on trusted AI, women in AI and data science and the Dataquitaine 2021 conference. In addition, the DomEx participated in Vivatech 2021 by being present at the launch of the international technological collective of the Francophone Village.

A team of volunteers to lead the management of this community

A team of volunteers will take charge of the management of this community. It includes ten personalities from the different territories of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region who will meet regularly in order to coordinate with the employees of Digital Aquitaine. Here is the exhaustive list of the members of this team:

  • Antoine Jeanjean (Recommerce / OPT2A): Vice-President Digital Aquitaine, in charge of IA & Circular Economy subjects and the link with the DomEx Topos
  • Pascal Diogo (Activus Group): Budgetary Referent of the DomEx, in charge of Industry & Transport subjects
  • Laurent Simon (Enseirb Matmeca / Labri): in charge of research subjects & university link
  • Nicholas Journet (IUT Bordeaux / Labri): in charge of AI teaching subjects
  • Céline Andronikos (ADI NA): in charge of Institutional & ecosystem relations
  • François Clautiaux (Bordeaux University / INRIA): in charge of Research & Funding subjects
  • Olivier Guillaume (Kereon Intelligence): in charge of Fintech subjects & IA & IOT subjects
  • Eliana Raad (Capgemini): in charge of Consulting subjects & link with the DomEx “Tic Santé”
  • Tiphaine Bichot (Athome Solutions): in charge of Business Cases & Link with the DomEx “Connected Commerce Club”
  • Sébastien Eguemann (ConnectivIT): in charge of Defense, Aeronautics & Link with Smart4D subjects

For Digital Aquitaine members, subjects related to data science or AI are not new, but with the creation of a new dedicated DomEx managed by volunteer experts, the association wants to offer more events and working groups around these themes.

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