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About us Data Analyst Course

About us Data Analyst Course

the data analyst course site and the first free online data analyst course sharing site, if this is your first time hearing from the data analyst, you can discover the definition of data analyst

The Data Analyst processes database extractions. He analyzes them and takes care of their interpretation so that the company can make business improvements. He is the one who will make it possible to orient the future actions to be carried out.

The Data Analyst is responsible for analyzing data from the company’s activity. It collects and processes data in order to submit relevant recommendations. Its missions aim to bring data to life by interpreting it.

It uses the information collected through various channels which aim to facilitate decision-making by managers.

For this, the Data Analyst uses various tools and languages, including Excel but also SAS , SQL , VBA , ACCESS or R .

His skills in statistical techniques and his mastery of figures facilitate this task. Also, he understands and practices the different SQL database languages. He can also, depending on the company he integrates and the missions assigned to him, use tools such as Hadoop or Spark to transform raw data into useful information. But it is generally the more technical Data Scientists who use them.

Its role responds to the challenge of making the most of the mass of data collected by companies. His interpersonal skills allow him to interact with the professions as well as to simplify technical issues. Thus, he is able to bring a coherent vision of the activities of his company.

Very often, the Data Analyst works for a type of company resulting from various sectors of activity where the analysis of the data creates added value (banking, insurance, e-commerce, automotive industry…).

In view of the considerable increase in the number of data collected, the Data Analyst is very likely to see his position evolve over the next few years. Too much data collected is awaiting analysis and therefore not used. The Data Analyst’s mission is to remedy this situation, which is faced with increasingly important and varied data. Its role is to find new ways of processing data with the support of new tools.

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